Welcome to my 1st blog – ever!

I have been designing for over a decade now and always wanted to be a part of this space. To share my passions, inspirations and designs. Like many of us, life is hectic and we often wear many hats! With 3 kids in tow it’s been a wonderful crazy rollercoaster but often found myself working “in” the business, and not “on” the business. So with all 3 kids finally at school I have decided it was time to get blogging and grow this space!

As founder and creative director of HOMEROOM Studio I have had the privilege to work with some amazing clients that open the doors to their homes and instil a great deal of trust in my designs. Seeing these spaces transform gives me such joy, but watching my clients feel completely breath taken at times makes me speechless. What I have come to realise over the years is so much of what I design and specify is based on connection. Understanding family dynamics, how they choose to spend their time, what is their natural energy (high energy or chilled) and what surroundings make them feel intrinsically, them. When my mood board of materials start to take place, and the colous combine in harmony, I feel that buzz. It feels right and I am just so grateful I can spend every day doing exactly what I love.

Cheers to 2019 – to my past connections and the ones I am yet to meet!

R x