We bought a home! Step 1 - Choose An Architect

When chatting to friends, family and clients about their interior needs, wants and goals, I always base my advice on how I would feel walking in their shoes. So I’m very excited to share with you that my husband and I recently purchased a block of land with the vision of building a new home! This is going to be such an exciting journey that I’m looking forward to sharing with you for many reasons, particularly because now I’m walking in my own shoes! 


As I always tell my clients, there are many steps and decision making processes to building. The first step to any build or renovation, is selecting an architect to help create your vision. From experience, many clients are so excited about the new process that they often jump into signing with someone that wasn’t right for them at all. My advice is, take your time. Like any relationship, a working partnership is no different. The energy or “fit” needs to feel right, so it’s important to step back and ask yourself the following questions;
- are they equally passionate about your project?
- do they understand you and your interior goals and the role you would want to play in this journey?

Just because your friend used someone they loved, or because an architect is well known in the design industry, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for you. Something I love to do and find really helpful when working with clients, is to write a list of what’s important to you.

So, before commencing our new journey, I asked my husband to sit and write a list of what was important to him when looking for an architect. He looked at me with those eyes…the “babe, this is your domain” eyes, but I insisted! Not surprisingly, his list was different to mine. 

Hubby’s list comprised of the following. The architect needed to be:

  1. Within our allocated budget

  2. Able to work quickly

  3. Responsive to emails and phone calls

  4. Design according to build budget

  5. Friendly and approachable

My list looked a little more like this... 

  1. Can understand my vision 

  2. Encourage my creativity

  3. Give me the time to formulate and encourage my ideas

  4.  Open and honest communication

  5.  Good listener

  6. Able to work collaboratively with me

Building can be stressful, some clients tell me their marriage would never survive another build, but it certainly doesn’t have to be this way if you play your cards right and plan. None of these points are more important than the other. In fact, both are as equally important. Ying and Yang! And with our list completed and our requirements in mind, we selected our architect.

*Drum roll please*

We are super excited to announce that we will be working with Ben Robertson from Tecture! You can view some of Tecture’s beautiful work below.

Step 1. Select Architect  ✔️


Stay tuned for Step 2!

*This is the first blog as part of a series where Romy will document the process of renovating and designing her new home*