Redesigning Jaggad HQ - Homeroom Studio X Jaggad

The ‘Life Athletic’ journey at JAGGAD has certainly become a well known one in the Australian fashion landscape. Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, carefully crafted pieces that are designed to suit all body types in all sporting environments. An incredible culmination of passion, dedication and good design come together at JAGGAD to create magic.

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And all this magic happens behind the scenes at JAGGAD HQ. So when I had the privilege of meeting Creative Director Michelle Greene and the JAGGAD Team, I fast understood the importance of their office space reflecting their brand. And with those initial thoughts in mind, I began the journey of re-designing JAGGAD HQ. Which I’m going to share a little bit of with you now!

Firstly, the two key things that need to be considered when designing any space is the layout or the floor plan and then, of course, the actual design of the space.

So first things first, layout.

Just like JAGGAD’s designs, we knew that the office needed to be highly functional. This meant that understanding the roles of their employees and how they utilise their space was imperative to creating the perfect floor plan, with the ultimate flow.

Quick tip: Imagine yourself in the space and how you’re going to be using it. A great way to do this is to break down the roles/departments within the team, physically imagine how they would use the space, then aim to design a layout that meets those needs.

Visualising and planning a space is how I approach the design of both my residential and commercial projects, and of course how I approached the JAGGAD HQ revamp. We broke down each of the spaces that we knew Team JAGGAD would need. For example, one of the key elements of designing the office layout was introducing a welcoming entrance that clients could walk into when they first arrived at the JAGGAD office. An area where they could get a sense of the brand; Who JAGGAD are, and what they stand for. So we got to work conceptualising this idea, along with all of the other incredible spaces we will be bringing to life at JAGGAD HQ. And with that perfect floor plan decided upon, we moved on to the design concepts.

 After the floor plan is decided, we move on to the fun part. The look and feel.

Quick tip: Establishing the key goal of your design project, how you want it to work and how you want to move within it, will always influence the look and feel of your space.   

The key goal for JAGGAD HQ was to be not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. This really influenced my decision making when it came to the look and feel and the furniture selection processes. Some questions I always ask to really nut out how you want your work space to look and what you want it to feel like is; What is your brand? How do you want it to be perceived? How do you want to ‘feel’ when coming to work?

Ultimately work for many of us is like our second home…it should be a warm, welcoming place to be, and a place that makes you feel happy and productive, right?

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Another quick tip: Identify the vibe of your brand/business. Is it relaxed and casual or formal and professional? These vibes set a tone and influence everything from material selections, to furniture configuration to artwork choices. For example, a luxe brand would automatically take my mind to velvets, brass accents and soft get my drift!

So, how would I summarise JAGGAD’s look and feel?

“a stylish, ever-growing, functional sports performance apparel brand with an awesome team of creatives and ambassadors supporting others to be their best whilst also looking their best!”  

I’m very excited to share that after the planning and designing above, I presented my plans for JAGGAD HQ to the JAGGAD team a few weeks ago, in a busy Brighton Café. And they loved my vision just as much as I did! So, we have been very busy behind the scenes working towards a killer space with a huge reveal for the JAGGAD team and for you guys! None of which would be possible without the incredible team of suppliers we have on board. (Which I will share with you soon).


Are you ready?

JAGGAD HQ Reveal coming this November.

*This blog is part 1 of a 3 part series documenting the process of the Homeroom Studio x JAGGAD Collaboration, as told by Homeroom Studio’s founder, Romy Dankner.